How Does This Work?
Research Logix provides the framework to quickly and efficiently solicit for and manage funding opportunities for the Research Community. Below are the outlined steps on how your administrative duties of project review can be simplified with Research Logix.
Funding Opportunity
You have identified a source of funding that you would like to make available to researchers that meet funding requirements.
Using your Research Logix account, create a funding opportunity. This will create a hub for applicants to identify and apply to your opportunity.
Applicants Apply
Applicants see your opportunity and use their own Research Logix accounts to submit their proposals. The system will take care of asking the right questions and requiring them to upload the necessary items to make your determinations on an awardee(s).
Assign Reviewers
Great! You have several applicants who have applied for your opportunity. Now you need Reviewers. Reviewers will use their own Research Logix accounts to view assigned projects and evaluate accordingly.
Reviewers will now record their evaluations. As the administrator, you can view all responses and determine the awardee(s). Integrated tools allow you to submit final outcomes of the evaluation process.
Tracking of Outcomes
After awarding the research funds, use Research Logix as a hub to routinely check on progress of the research. Have investigators record progress reports and report any additional outcomes such as patents, additional funding, etc.
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